• Meet Lyndsey - Honest, hardworking but, through no fault of his own, homeless

Meet Lyndsey - Honest, hardworking but, through no fault of his own, homeless

Tim Baker

Lyndsey worked physical jobs all through his life. Over the years he’s turned his hand to labouring, shearing, landscaping and orchard work. In late 2019 his mental health took a turn and he started suffering psychotic episodes as well as bouts of depression which would last weeks at a time.

As his mental health deteriorated Lyndsey found it harder and harder to communicate with other people eventually finding himself with no money, no food and often sleeping rough.

The worst thing about Lyndsey's’ situation was that yes he needed a place to stay, yes he needed to be on benefits but because he didn’t have a mobile phone or internet access or the ability to use either it was impossible for him to get the help he needed.

Luckily, an old friend he was speaking with asked him where he was staying at the time to which Lyndsey mentioned he was sleeping under a bridge in Napier, Help was clearly needed.

After making a few direct phone calls to the right places, 3 days later Lyndsey has a roof over his head 3 meals a day and a bed to sleep in. He is now using this time to study for a drivers licence to become a delivery driver.

Nobody should feel alone and forgotten, it’s amazing how one act of kindness can change a life.

Remember, now more than ever we are all in this together.

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