• I was born in Christchurch New Zealand, into an upper class family

I was born in Christchurch New Zealand, into an upper class family

Andy Entx

I was born in Christchurch New Zealand, into an upper class family. I don't like spreading the family name around. So I'll just go by my alias, Andy.

The first almost thirteen years of my life was quite honestly horrific. For eighty percent of the time it was hell on earth. To say that my mother was unwell was a understatement, a brain tumour on the pituitary gland which spread to the frontal lobes affected her hormones and her moods. I copped a beating if I didn't get out of the way quick enough. Being the youngest I was often taken advantage of, physically, sexually, you name it.
For many years I attempted to hide in a sea of substance abuse. I have lost count of how many times I tried to end it all. Every time I either woke up again or someone found me.

Recently I was in an unfamiliar town, not doing very well. My partner and I had parted ways in a hurry, in other words I had what I stood in. I'd been here before, life was about to get kinda hopeless again for me I knew it, I couldn't even blame the drugs as I've been clean for four years at this point. Anyway, I'm asking around at the backpackers I was staying at, and a bloke sat down next to me and asked me what my situation was like, my story. I lost track of how long we were talking for. But it turned out this guy was one of the founders of Kiwis For Good he said he'd help me with my accommodation costs until the job he'd just given me gave me my first pay cheque, and, just like that, I was back up on my feet.

Since then life has really got better, I love my role because not only do I get to help myself, but my efforts contribute directly to help other people every single day!! This gives me a deep feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that I really am doing good for others, while at the same time improving my life.
Kiwi's For Good has helped me no end, and I've seen it help so many other's, I can feel my confidence building more and more every day!! It's definitely helped me feel that life isn't that difficult and is most definitely worth hanging around for. I'm excited to see what life has waiting for me around the next corner.

My name is Andy, and I'm a Kiwis For Good vendor.


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