• Christmas is here, and all that it brings

Christmas is here, and all that it brings

Tim Baker

You are probably sat reading this with a glass of bubbles in hand and loved ones dotted around busily opening presents or firing up the BBQ, the cat may have torn down the Christmas tree and batted the baubles across the living room floor during the night. Your family dog will surely be lying in wait underneath the dining room table, waiting for someone to miss their mouth and send food hurtling toward the floor for it to be devoured.

For some of you there may be empty seats around the table this year. I for one know how this can feel. For me, its the eighth Christmas without my father. The holiday has never been the same since. Loved ones who would normally be part of your Christmas card list can leave us at a moments notice, their warmth and banter will leave an empty hole in the festivities as you remember their warmth and spirit.

This Christmas, let us remember all the people that made our lives what they are today. Whether they are here or not. Let us remember and spare a thought for those that have lost their loved ones this year, this year will be their first Christmas without that special person.

Remember, and if you can, share your table with someone in need. Someone without family. Christmas can be a very lonely time of year for some people and you can change that by opening your hearts and homes to each other. This is a time of giving, a time of hope and goodwill.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

From all of us at Kiwis For Good.

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