• A huge thank you to Kiwis For Good

A huge thank you to Kiwis For Good


I just wanted to thank Kiwis For Good for their support during one of the darkest periods of my life. My name is Michael, and I found myself relentlessly harassed by debt buyers claiming I owed $10,000 in debts that I knew were not legitimate. The constant phone calls and intimidating tactics pushed me to the brink, and I began to feel suicidal.

Discovering Kiwis For Good was a turning point. Their approach and guidance provided me with a lifeline when I needed it most. They educated me about the 3-letter process, which allowed me to challenge the debt buyers' claims effectively. With their support, I learned that many debt buyers lack the proper documentation to substantiate their demands, which gave me the courage to stand up for my rights.

The templates provided on Kiwis For Goods’ website were clear and easy to use. Sending the letters by recorded delivery was essential in documenting my attempts to resolve the issue. This process not only protected me legally but also provided a sense of control over a situation that had felt really overwhelming.

Thanks to Kiwis For Good, I not only defended myself against unjust debt collection practices but also regained my sense of dignity. I encourage anyone facing similar challenges to reach out to Kiwis For Good. They are such a great help for those navigating financial crises and unfair debt collection practices.


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